Machining & Drilling

Proficient Industrial Corporation is a prominent Machining and Drilling service provider in Pune.

Our services are most suited in Defense and Firearm, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Implants, Seamless Tube Manufacturing, Energy, Die and Mold, Hydraulic cylinders etc. 

We pride ourselves in the ability to truly offer a world class machining and drilling services over the life of the product. 
We offer solutions for Gun drilling, BTA (STS) / Ejector drilling, Pull Boring, Trepanning, Counter boring, Honing, Lapping, Pull Reaming, Skiving and Roller Burnishing, Bottom Forming and Bottle boring.

 Our business processes and operational methodologies ensure that our total cost including material and labor tends to be substantially lower than competition. We are a one-stop shop for all deep hole drilling and hole finishing needs. We can drill and finish holes from Ø1 mm to Ø 400 mm and up to 12m in length. Our methodology, strict compliance to standards and use of best practices differentiates us from competition. In the last few years we have paid a lot of attention to optimize our products for improving ease of use, accuracy, performance, workmanship and aesthetics.

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